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Distributor of Country Chic Paints, which is a mineral and chalk-based paint.

This clay-based formula gives even more coverage and adhesion than chalk-based paints, but still gives the beautiful matte finish of chalk-style paint.

  • Handmade bags

  • Recycled materials from US Armed Services

  • Genuine leather 

  • Crafted with rug material

Cavallini Wrap Posters

Very versatile product. Can be used for:

  • Wrapping paper

  • Posters

  • Modge Podge 

Great quality paper printed on Italian paper distributed from San Francisco.

  • organic/vegan soaps

  • organic hand/body wash

  • organic body lotion

  • 20 and 50-hour soy candles

  • bath bombs

Photo from Aderia Lauren.jpg

C A N D Y   C L U B

"From stocking stuffers to teacher's gifts to holiday treats...something for all your special occasions."

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